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And yes, there are a couple of places you can try to stream legally or for free. Or even both!


The site has changed from .com to .io to currently .sh. Kissasian updates raw episodes mostly right after they finish airing in Asian countries. Waiting for the English subs can depend on the volunteers which can be up to 2 days long. Usually, they get popular dramas subbed in within 8 hours the fastest. The site handles dramas and movies from most Asian countries such as China, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines and Japan.


Another equally amazing site is DramaCool which also has also changed from .io to .bz. The site is also one of the fastest uploaders with new subbed episodes uploaded within the same day as it aired. The site features dramas from China, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines and Japan.


Netflix picks up some of the best Asian Movies and dramas and you can stream them online with a subscription fee. You can choose to apply for a single or a family account. Netflix also features subtitle in different languages and have the layout completely dedicated to supporting a great movie experience.


This is another great legal site to enjoy your favorite Asian dramas and movies. The site relies on volunteers to sub the episodes and features ‘free stream for 24 hours’ after upload. You might want to watch out for the number of ads that pop up to keep the site alive and running!


Another great place for enjoying your favorite Asian series is Gooddrama. It also relies on the speed of volunteers to sub the episodes and can have late updates, but is certainly a great place to find your favorite Asian movies from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan,and China.