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Dating ladyboys in Hong Kong is pretty much like dating ladyboys anywhere else. You’ll meet many at trans-friendly bars, cabarets, clubs, theaters, and some concerts. Local trans women are nice and friendly to foreigners in general and are often fluent in English.

Cabaret and drag queen shows are popular with trans women. They’re also popular with foreigners who are interested in dating Hong Kong ladyboys. Alternatively, local organizations organize LGBT-positive events all year round. Those targeting the trans community are fewer in number, but they do exist. You can find a list of upcoming ones at

You’ll be surprised at how many drag queen shows there are going on in the city. Why do we mention them? These events are inclusive and welcoming to everyone. They are fun to attend and you’ll have a great time if you decide to go to one. The reason there are so many is probably that the Chinese city has a huge drag population.

If you’ve met a trans woman in Hong Kong, you could go to a place called the Zoo Bar cabaret, featuring all-trans performers. You might also meet local trans women online, but most of the profiles on local sites are of escorts, which you’d want to avoid. It’s best to opt for international sites like My Transgender Cupid and My Transsexual Date. Most of the trans users of these sites have regular jobs in offices, beauty salons, or diners and are looking for a normal relationship. To find local trans women, type in “Hong Kong ladyboys” in the search box. The site Asian Match Mate offers convenient ways to meet single trans women who are looking for romance or friendship. Online dating is never difficult in a modern city like Hong Kong.

One of the consequences of transphobia in Hong Kong is that it limits trans people’s access to training, education, and employment. Because of this, many of them turn to sex work.