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Asia is fully packed with surprised for those of you who have never been to the east part of the world. Briefly, read through to get the hang of the best places in Asia to explore before you die.


The gateway of westerners to Asia is Singapore mainly due to their more liberated, but still very traditional culture. Most Singaporeans speak English (or Singlish, to be accurate) the country is also very famous for their Singaporean Hainan Chicken Rice. A must-try if you ever come to Singapore. It is also renowned for Marina Bay Sand, the most luxurious hotel and casino in the country.


The world’s only Asian superpower country is also another great spot for tourist. Westerners who have never been to Asia will enjoy their stay here and are more likely to experience the culture. Japan is known to be a very safe country compared to other Asian countries. Japan also sets itself aside in regards to culture and fashion.

South Korea

The country of K-pop and k-drama, this country is in the bucket list of those who like either of them. Due to their surging popularity, the country has many spots developed and well-preserved for tourist. It is particularly famous for Jeju-do and shooting locations featured in many historical dramas such as Gyeongbokgug Palace.


The Emerald of the Equator earned its gem name from the greenery of the forests that looks very green when seen from the bird’s eye view. Bali, one of the most westernized parts of the country is always jammed with tourists due to its beautiful view and nice waves for surfing. The food here is exceptional, especially in Medan, the heaven of Asian cuisine from native Indonesian to Indians, Turkish and even Japanese.