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In comparison to many countries who have released many legendary plays, especially Broadway, Singapore is a strong contender. Here are 5 top musical acts from and have played in Singapore.

Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress

The Forbidden City is the theatrical play everyone remembers. The play debuted back in 2002 and was reprised 3 more times due to popular demand in Singapore and across the world. The story revolves around an Empress figure in China, Empress Dowager Cixi who was also a shady character of the story.

Fried Rice Paradise

Having one of the most common and loved food dishes as its title, the play deserves the same love as the fried dish has received. The play debuted in 1991 and was reprised back in 2010. It perfectly captured the ambiance and settings of the ’70s, packaging comedic, romantic, and the daily lives of Singaporean during those days with a little exaggeration for flavor.

Beauty World

Believed to be one of the very first Singaporean Musical is Beauty World which played first back in 1988. It is later reprised by W!ldR!ce in 2008 due to its popularity in depicting black and white aesthetics of those days. The story revolves around a girl during her coming-of-age in search of her father and meetingnew people and explore places she’s never been.


Singapore’s Tropicana theatrical play is among the most aesthetic and beautiful play which debuted in 2017. The play tells the stories of different individuals during 1960s around cabaret and casinos of Scotts Road. It’s the golden era of Singapore and a sexy story of when a lavish Las Vegas-style nightclub had just opened and the girls commonly wore sequins. It is also known for the real-life based characters that are featured in the story.